Her interest in NFTs made her a bit of a loner.

Women led project, featuring 10,000 original digital artworks.
Supporting mental health, autism, and the arts.


Hi! I’m a bit of a loner. But I’m putting myself out there everyday. Want to be friends!??

Women led project, featuring 10,000 original digital artworks. Supporting mental health, autism, and the arts.

KN - Founder

Founder, the LG female digital artist. She is a mother and wife to MN.

BD - Founder

Founder, older sis, supporter, original loner, mother of 2 and wife.

JK - Developer

Cool dad, great husband, and all around smart guy.


Currently we don't have a roadmap implemented, our whole goal with Loner Girl was creating an affordable and safe project that would allow women and other underrepresented demographics in the web3 space a way to perhaps buy their first NFT without breaking the bank.

Overall we have accomplished that, a 0.001 eth mint with excellent original hand drawn art so far that have helped many folks enter the space.

Additionally our artist - @KN's son is on the autism spectrum. Autism awareness is a cause that is very important to us. Upon 100% mint we will be donating a portion of profits to a local charity here in Hawaii where we are based that supports that.


How many Loner Girls exist?

10,000 Loner Girls total

How much does each NFT cost to MINT?

We have revised our pricing to give everyone the oppurtunity to hold a Loner Girl. New pricing is 0.001 ETH, roughly $3

When will you be minting?

Mint opened March 1, we have sold out!

What blockchain is Loner Girl on?

Ethereum Blockchain

How many can I mint?

5 per person. ERC721a contract optimized for gas.

When is reveal?

We haven't decided exactly yet, we know how fun it is to refresh that metadata on reveal day and be surprised by what your new NFT looks like and its rarity, we want everyone to experience that so along with our revised pricing we will be revising our reveal date and announce when that is.

LG Update 1 - 03.23.2022

Loner Girl Community,

We know you have been waiting to know who we have chosen to commit to for our first charitable donation.

Early on we knew we wanted to do 20% of our initial mint sales to a local community organization that has made an impact on families with children or members diagnosed with Autism. We can confirm that our initial mint was 9.7365 ETH, 20% of this is 1.95 ETH. We will round this amount to 2 ETH.

Our team is excited to announce the organization we have selected for our first donation related to Autism is Easterseals Hawaii. Easterseals Hawaii is the largest provider of early intervention services in our state with services provided at no cost to families. Easterseals helps families who may not have access to health care and/or financial circumstances prevent a proper diagnosis for children and adults on the spectrum to get the resources they desperately need.

Easterseals is a global organization with strong support on the national level and allows the entry for Early Intervention and ABA services that families would otherwise not be able to access, free of charge.

Our team will continue to coordinate efforts for and donations to both our local Hawaii chapter organizations and look to you, our Loner Girl community to guide us, recommend, and vote on future donations.

At this time we can also confirm that we plan to make donations of 10% from all royalties on a quarterly basis which will begin at the end of Q2 and last until the end of Q4 of 2022. Our team will make quarterly adjustments as they become necessary.

These donations will further include but not be limited to autism support, mental health advocacy, support for women and girls in web3.

We will not limit our charitable focus and work to extend opportunities to the Web3 communities by way of art purchases that would support artists with either a mental health and/or neuro-divergent missions or affiliations.

We look to you our community to vote, recommend, and advocate for these future contributions.

We hope this announcement brings each of you reassurance that our team will continue our charitable work that can extend to the community at large and also directly impact individuals who need support.

Thank you all,